Qatar Vanimal Pravasi Forum, QVPF

A brief about QVPF

Qatar Vanimal Pravasi Forum is an association of Qatar expatriates hailing from Vanimal Grama Panchayath. Vanimal is a village located in the north of Kozhikode District, Kerala, India. It enhances the arts, sports and cultaral abilities of its members through various programs. QVPF is blessed with multi-talented, energetic, self-motivated and sports loving members. QVPF serve as a platform for its members to showcase their talents by organizing arts, sports and cultural programs frequently.

QVPF also spread its wings across their native village by a charity program called 'THANAL'. Thanal has its well designed programs to help people who deserves financial and social help.

Present QVPF Executives [2015-17]

President: Abdul Salam MK
Gen. Secretary: Sajeer Thavot
Treasurer: Mansoor M K
Vice-President: Mammu M K
Vice-President: Subair K K
Vice-President: Rasack C K
Vice-President: Yusuf Poyil
Joint-Secretary: Anas K C
Joint-Secretary: Ismail Bin Ali
Joint-Secretary: Shammas Kalathil
Joint-Secretary: Thasneem Ali

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